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That's right, 5 of those little suckers

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Mary Kelvie Lyman
All 3 of my sons would agree that David Konjoian and his team made academic challenges more manageable. Highly recommend them for math and college prep. Asking for help can be intimidating, but not here. They were also helpful when you hit a crisis in trying to fit you in when you need extra help.

Heather Cambell Callaghan
David is not only an exceptional tutor, but an exceptional human being as well. Having both our children benefit from Konjoian Education Center, they are a true testament of the individualized attention and approach received from David.


That's right, 5 of those little things

Monica Gallacher
Many thanks to Dave and his team for working with my daughters to prepare for the SAT and ACT. The style of teaching, professionalism, and flexible scheduling options made for a very positive experience. The girls felt at ease going into the tests and were pleasantly surprised they had to take each only once to achieve their target scores! In addition to test prep, the girls have utilized Dave’s services for subject-based school tutoring with excellent results.

Julie Levine
Dave and staff have really helped to improve my sons study and time management skills.